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Materialize your travel story and share it with people whether you encounter them in the digital or physical world.


Old Vs. New

Now here’s the thing: In lieu of stickers, our luggage was labelled with fetching paper VSOE tags, beautiful mementos of the trip. Mine stayed attached until it met its first airport baggage handler. Now I only have the remnant of an elastic string to remind me of that wonderful journey.
— Lee Tulloch

In our disposable society now, these luggages are no more. They’re gone. So how do we bring back the beautiful presentation of our travel journeys?


With the passport you can materialize your trip by adding individual tassels from the trip. A tassel is connected to a content created on the 2moon platform through an nfc chip.


Best of Both Worlds


Inspire Digitally


Inspire Physically


Collect The World And Join The Family