Branch is a furniture set for those who work at home. It’s an adaptable set to work with the flow of the working environment.


When Working From Home…

Working from home is a love hate relationship for many people. What we love is the freedom, comfort, and less office distractions. The hate however is, having too much freedom can cause distractions. Priority starts to falter. We start prioritizing other duties before work, things get disorganized, and when we want to stop working, the evidence of work mess stares back at us stressing us out even more when it is time for leisure.

As work flow increases, Branch reads that energy and expands to reflect the users work flow. When work is done and wanted to be put away, Branch contracts to keep the living space clean to hide the evidence of work mess.

branch pieces-01.png


As work flow increases, the space on the desk decreases. Folders and books pile up and soon there is no space in the desk. This table works with that situation as it expands with the users workflow.

branch pieces-02.png


Every table needs a storage unit because no matter how minimal a person can be, they need to place their work somewhere. This drawer follows the same design principles as the table and fits right under it or it can support it on the side.

branch pieces-03.png


The privacy screen is to balance the home environment divide it between comfort and structure. When work is done, the screen is closed shut and all the work is hidden. The user is then able to leave work at work at home.