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The re-brand of Crest celebrates the sexiness of your smile. It invigorates excitement in your dental regimen to instill fearless confidence.


Old Vs. New

Smiles Speak

Q: Would you say nice teeth is a point of attraction to you?

A: “Yes. It’s a sign of cleanliness. Crooked teeth is shit that pisses me off and I can’t look at it. It’s wrong HAHA and unorderly. It’s like a make it or break it. If you don’t have good teeth then you should be closing your mouth the whole time. White teeth you can tell they have good habits and care about their health.”

A: “Yes! Because when I look at someone I see their smile I also look at their teeth. I mean I’m into teeth I guess a little bit? Where I think it makes your face in a way. Like when you smile it basically shows your smile. It looks good so I think thats attractive.”

A: “Oh my god yes 100% yes! Fucked up teeth is a HUGE turn off!”