Who is Jane Park Designs?

I am a designer who gives off a vibe of mystery. I like to surprise people with vivid concepts and details. I am not afraid to let things go loose once in a while, although, I can be extremely meticulous about the finishing details with collected thoughts. I believe that the craziest concepts generate the most interesting and innovative designs. I am direct with my decisions after testing them out in a physical textural form and can stand proud of them.




Personal Taste


Look and Feel


This logo represents who I am as a designer. It shows that I am diverse and can adapt well to different types of situations whether it is in product design, graphic design, illustrating, and art directing. The logo is bold and can be easily read in different positions. Another way to read this logo is the connection of the a. When connected, it creates a logomark which can be interpreted as an eye, cube, arrow, etc which plays well with my key attribute of mysterious.


The Whole Picture