Plantioxidants is a start up beauty company focusing on green and clean beauty all the while promoting and educating customers and fans about sustainability and a healthier lifestyle. I was the sole designer for this company and took many responsibilities. Because this was a start up company, I had to lay out the branding guidelines and solidify the brands style guide and message to use across all platforms needing and using design. I was in charge of anything the eyes could see but not read. So anything from print to digital, I designed from strategy all the way to execution.


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The Plantioxidants Mission

Cherish your body and learn all you can to do less bad, produce more good, and take care of the planet and others.

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Clean Beauty

One of two Plantioxidants focus is clean beauty. Clean beauty means celebrating the fact that the ingredients in the products are all organic and USDA approved. It informs and educates customers about natural ingredients in the formula. It also warns customers about harsh chemicals or preservatives other companies are using in their formula. Designing assets for clean beauty, I had to make sure to use the right ingredients for photoshoots and make everything relevant and meaningful.

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Green Beauty

Green beauty celebrates the stance the brand has on sustainability and the actions it takes to advocate and promote an eco-friendly world. Designing with green beauty in mind, I had to be conscious of the underlying messages of each work I produced. The messages  educate and empower customers to think about the environment and inspire them to make smarter decisions about whether their choices are sustainable or not and take action.

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Luxury Beauty

Plantioxidants messaging splits into two sections when it comes to informing and educating but the brand is a high end brand overall so it is important that all the designs have a high end luxury feel to it. To showcase the luxury side of the brand, I created some lifestyle shots so that customers could envision the brand into their lives.


Holiday and Promotional Campaigns

I had to create all assets from strategy to execution for promotional campaigns and holiday campaigns. Some were graphic designs informing customers about an ongoing promotion. Others involved deeper thinking and then sketching concepts to finally creating and executing those designs. For example, I was given a "Super Mom" gift guide concept for Mothers Day. For that, I strategized and executed image of the bottles acting as super heroes defending against the seeds showering down on them like meteorites.


Website Banners and Campaigns

I was also in charge of creating the website banners and uploading it onto the website and keeping it up to date with current seasons, any promotions going on, as well as banners for each product category page. I had to continuously test out these banners on Shopify uploading and rearranging. I had to make sure the informational text as well as the CTA button did not interfere with the image and it was legible against the background.

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Event Planning and Photography

Working in the beauty industry, I've learned the importance of exposure through social media, published articles, and collaborating with influencers/bloggers. Plantioxidants decided to host a social influencer event held in one of the luxurious buildings in San Francisco to kick off the brand and I got the chance to design the venue (incorporating the brand) as well as the takeaways from the event (event cards, menu, gift totes, etc). I was also the photographer throughout the event and even after the event, I polished all the photos for sharing on social platforms.


Digital Marketing

As the sole designer at Plantioxidants, I also had responsibilities in digital marketing. I had to design the email, take any necessary photography, code the email, upload it onto Klaviyo, test it, and either schedule it, put it in a flow, or send it out.

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